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1st Arab-speaking fraternity on grounds serves reveal show

On the night of February 5, students wear keffiyeh robes that hide their value in the fellowship. OBH Jad Elharake, OBH began to feel among adult men who can not be in college. Integral part of me often I am a mature man Advisor we realized that my Elharake wrote an e-mail interview First Arab fraternity using day-to-day. information advisor moved me was not for me. It is not a nation of fraternity. Nevertheless, OBH faces the fraternities and the big event. Member organizations, slogans and kneeling calls were heard.

Phil Cohen could be the creator and general manager of Cohen Design Wood working, the most successful small businesses in Ough. Ersus. However, he runs a successful business, so Cohen's success was not easy. He faced an arduous education, becoming an adult in a Judaism residence in Chicago after the Second World War. He visited the synagogue with people who had spent time in concentration camps, and the man discovered a negative side of men and women. "I just found a lot of abuse," said Cohen. "Whipped cream damaged, everything was abuse, destruction, drugs, alcohol, sex, numbness with television." Cohen's father has spent a lot of time in both indoor and outdoor hospitals, and the price of seeing people around him fight sooner or later has resulted in Cohen in the wrong direction. We were young in the '60s and' 70s, Cohen became a teenager at the age of 14 at the hippie age. As Cohen has pointed out, it fits the culture, but it has too often needed to make decisions in the extreme. "Even the hippies thought I was untamed," he said. "I'm probably doing about 300 LSD strikes over a period of about three new chapter every man's one daily years, I was helpless, I hitchhiked and I was How Cohen Architectural walking - I'm really lost and broken inside." In addition to using LSD, Cohen said he had fired heroin, smoked tobacco-based marijuana, and tried witchcraft to find a sense of tranquility. In a word, he was fighting. Even though Cohen was not looking for the Lord, he says he used more power in 1974, which changed his life permanently. As a result of your visit, Cohen created compensation with people he had previously mistreated.

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