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Pod A fishing rod jumps this weekend with the best news, but perhaps the most damaging key for all - the C8 Corvettes confirmed. Plus, there are plenty of "wishes they make sure to be" Offroad concepts, a valuable McLaren for which no one can find the money, plus. In addition, the spring shows the car shows, and that we hold the most complete single window for each car enet this weekend and soon: --- OK, Chevrolet tried to make sure it was invisible all year, but thousands of images of secret agents appeared, demonstrating that they were analyzed under camouflage clothing, some showing they broke down and were transported away. Now, Chevrolet has released its own official footage and film of the rarely-camouflaged C8 Corvettes, presented by the Times Sq section of The Big air king range hood 30 inch Apple. And it is confirmed that good faith receives undisguised proof of Comeearly, July 18, as a ticket for reduced abdominal muscles and modern exhibitions with 2 seats. Of course, there were a lot of rumors about the C8 powertrain, even though game officials refused to answer the vehicle's existence after I interviewed them in the Rolex 24 Daytona timepiece. . But, despite the many proven medium-service Vette concepts over time, this will reduce costs for all. And it seems that the real article is aimed directly at people such as Ferarrari, Lamborghini and, in many cases, the modern Acura NSX, a mix of both supercar. "The next generation Corvette trip will start now," says the organization. - Only four types, ninety-nine, of the offroad gladiator's release version were Holes in walls, created to highlight the long wait for a number of door pickups. From now on, each of them is offered, according to Offroad claims.

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